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How to log into the website www.ecocredit.lt?

• Enter the necessary precise data in the registration form
• Confirm your personal data and consent to handle it
• Confirm that you have read general provisions of the Consumer credit agreements
• Confirm your consent/dissent to handle personal data indicated in the general provisions of the credit agreement for direct marketing purposes.
• Click “Continue registration “.
• Pay the registration fee from your personal account to the account of Sostinės kreditai UAB
If you fail to pay the registration fee within 160 hours, the registration will be cancelled.

What is a one-off registration fee within the www.ecocredit.lt ?

One-off registration fee is 0.29 EUR.

What paying details need to indicate for making registration payment www.ecocredit.lt ?

When making a payment for registration, indicate the following payment details:

Beneficiary’s name Sostinės kreditai UAB
Beneficiary’s account No. Select the beneficiary’s account held with the same bank as Your current account .
Beneficiary’s code 302513887
Amount 0.29 EUR

Payment purpose. Enter the circled text provided in Step 2 step of the registration.

If you make payment via paysera.com payment collection interface, payment details will be automatically generated if your bank account is with Swedbank AB or AB SEB, whereas if your account is in another non-specified bank, if your enter payment details manually, data will be provided immediately, right after choosing the bank .

If you make a payment within the paysera.com payment collection system, bank details will be automatically generated, if your bank is Swedbank AB or SEB AB. If your account is in any other non-specified bank and you enter payment details manually, they will be provided right after choosing the bank.

What to do if I forgot login data?

If you lose a password, send us an SMS message “Lost” by phone +37068559400 from the phone number you registered on the ecocredit.lt website. We will send you a temporary password by e-mail.

What to do if my e-mail address changed?

In your e-mail address changed, log into the customer’s zone on ecocredit.lt website and change your e-mail address in the section “My data”.

How to file an application?

After you pay the registration fee of {cfg:700:currency